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Welcome to my World Race Journey!

11 Countries in 11 Months: Introduction

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy exploring my blog and joining me as I get ready to set out on this awesome, amazing journey that is the World Race!

The World Race is an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries.

Living out of a backpack for a year and camping in a tent some nights as we go around the world, working in orphanages, teaching English and helping the poor or even working with human trafficking victims. The work we do will be in partnership with local churches and organizations.

What will you do on The World Race?

I will be going to 11 countries in 11 months! #11n11


We will be traveling to 11 different countries, spending one month in each country and working closely with the people there to help them and show God's love while spreading the message of hope and redemption that is close to my heart.

We will work on a team partnering with churches and organizations to serve others and meet their needs. This might mean we would work in an orphanage one month and teach English another month or speak hope to prisoners and freedom to those struck in human trafficking.

I will live from a backpack for nearly a year and live in close community. My team and I will build into each other as a team, lifting each other up to our best self we can be. It sounds intense and even a little scary maybe, but I am excited to live the fullest life I can, and to be the best I can.

===Why do you want to go on The World Race?===

My story is a story of redemption. God has rescued me and shown me His love for me in so many different ways again and again. He gives me a new hope in Him and takes away my despair. I know I can trust God no matter what.

I want to share this hope and joy and love with other people around the world. I want other people to experience God's comfort and new life and amazing grace and hope, that only He can give!


God has good things for you too. A hope and a future.

To learn more about how YOU can be a part of the journey alongside of me, visit my World Race blog at: www.jensilverman.theworldrace.org

==How will you do this? Doesn't this cost a lot of money?=====

I will not be able to do this alone. I need others alongside of me. This means praying for me, (a very important and powerful part of this!) encouraging me by writing a note or commenting on a blog post, telling others about my journey, as well as by committing to give financially.

The amount I need to raise to go this coming January is $16,962.

The amount that I am fund-raising covers the basic costs, including airfare, basic food and shelter and money towards ministry costs as well as the required travel insurance which is included. I will be doing a more detailed break-down of the funds in a later post.

I need your help to be able to do this!

I will be serving others in different countries for nearly a year, living out of a backpack, and doing whatever it takes to show authentic love to others in a way that really makes a difference.

But I need others to step up alongside of me and join me on this journey, whether by praying, being on a support team to make this happen, or by committing to give financially.


What if I can't give financially?

Prayer is a powerful and crucial part of sending me on The World Race.

When people pray, God moves.

God listens to our prayers. Please be a prayer warrior for me today!

I will be praying for you, my readers, and support team as well, as we are going on this journey around the world together.

Please contact me if you would like to be a part of my prayer team while I am preparing for The World Race and while I am on the Race as well.

Visit www.jensilverman.theworldrace.org to learn more! Thank you!!!

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